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7 gift alternatives to flowers and chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Some people prefer getting gifts and going on dates on Valentine’s Day, while others plan to propose or finally shoot their shot.

Whether your SO is a foodie or a film buff, pick out a gift that speaks to their passions.

These seven ideas are just a starting point. Purchase the one that feels right or simply use this list as inspiration for your own special present.

1. Their favorite album on vinyl

If your partner has a record player, this is the perfect way to show them you care. This gift is sweet and personal — plus you two can listen to it together.

2. Custom artwork

Order a customized piece of art that your partner wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Scroll through Etsy for inspiration and unique artists, like this seller who paints personalized portraits of people’s pets.

3. A mantry box

For $59, you can gift one Mantry Box to your boyf. This themed subscription box caters to the guy who loves food almost as much as he loves being a man.

4. Tickets to a game

If your SO is into sports, surprise them with tickets to see their favorite team play. Whether or not you’re a fan as well, they’ll love sharing the experience with you.

5. A professional massage

Your partner deserves a break from the stress of work or school, so give them an excuse to relax. Purchase a gift card or pre-paid treatment at a local spa and help them ease their tension.

6. A plant they can take care of

Instead of a bouquet that will inevitably droop, give a gift that will continue to bloom. A succulent in a pretty pot or a grow-your-own-tree kit last longer than traditional roses.

7. That beer they love

Does your SO have a type of beer that they really enjoy, but only splurge for on special occasions? Tell them this round is on you and treat them to a case of the good stuff.

Whether you’ve been together for years or you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, these presents are all thoughtful alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day trinkets. Your partner is sure to be impressed by your creativity and excellent gift-giving skills.

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