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7de Laan Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


7de Laan Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: Don’t worry about Mexican soap operas, because South African shows have taken the spotlight. They’re as real and smooth as you could ever hope for.

7de Laan Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers

The cast is incredibly talented, and they might leave you wanting more, wishing the show never ended. Have you seen 7de Laan? If not, you should definitely check it out. The 7de Laan cast is where you’ll find some amazing talent.

7de Laan starlife full story

7de Laan is a South African Afrikaans-language TV soap opera. It was created by Danie Odendaal and is produced by Danie Odendaal Produksies. The show is set in and around the fictional 7de Laan (Seventh Avenue) in the suburb of Hillside, Johannesburg, where all the characters live or work.

7de Laan tells the story of a lively community living in Hillside. It focuses on their interactions with each other, the spread of gossip stories, the love and laughter of family and friends, and the rivalry between Hilda and Matrone.

In 7de Laan, you’ll find the Oppiekoffie Coffee Shop managed by Charmaine Beukes. It’s a favorite spot for coffee, scones, and a bit of gossip.

There’s also the Deli run by Hilda, who enjoys experimenting with different food combinations, even if nobody enjoys them. Hilda’s arch-enemy is Netta Nortje, the Matron of the Old-aged Home, always looking for a quick buck, often with disastrous results.

In the boutique, Inge manages the shop with the help of Felicity, who designs clothing for the boutique while running her business, Felicity Fashions.

The Hillside Times offices are owned by Neville Meintjies, with two young journalists, Mandla and Paula, competing to scoop each other for the front page.

In Hillside, you’ll also find the Boekwinkel, a bookshop owned by famous Afrikaans writer Ryno Lategan, managed by his wife Emma, who writes short stories based on Oom Oubaas’ hilarious tales of years gone by.

The Theron and Terreblanche Sportshop is owned by high society lady Madel Terreblanche, and it’s run by her son Jan-Hendrik and her nephew Carlos Perestrelo.

Finally, there’s the Events Management Company, Kyriakis De Lange, owned by George Kyriakis, who handles major events in the Laan with the assistance of Altus and Dezi.

In the Laan, things are not always what they seem. As everyone goes about their daily business, they are often unaware of the lurking danger or shady characters waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting residents of Hillside.

The series is primarily in Afrikaans with English subtitles and occasional English and Zulu dialogue.

“7de Laan” Profile Summary

Title“7de Laan”
GenreAfrikaans-language TV soap opera
CreatorDanie Odendaal
Production CompanyDanie Odendaal Produksies
SettingFictional 7de Laan (Seventh Avenue) in Hillside, Johannesburg
Main ThemesCommunity interactions, gossip, family, friendship, and rivalry between Hilda and Matrone
Oppiekoffie Coffee ShopManaged by Charmaine Beukes; a popular spot for coffee, scones, and gossip
DeliRun by Hilda, who experiments with food combinations; Hilda’s rival is Netta Nortje, Matron of the Old-aged Home
BoutiqueManaged by Inge, with clothing designed by Felicity under her brand, Felicity Fashions
Hillside Times OfficesOwned by Neville Meintjies; young journalists Mandla and Paula compete for front-page stories
Boekwinkel (Bookshop)Owned by Afrikaans writer Ryno Lategan, managed by his wife Emma, who writes stories based on Oom Oubaas’ tales
SportshopOwned by Madel Terreblanche; run by her son Jan-Hendrik and nephew Carlos Perestrelo
Events Management CompanyKyriakis De Lange, owned by George Kyriakis, handles major events in the Laan with the assistance of Altus and Dezi
LanguagesPrimarily in Afrikaans with English subtitles; occasional English and Zulu dialogues
Plot OverviewFollows the lives of the residents of Hillside, highlighting their daily experiences, interactions, and hidden dangers

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7de Laan starlife: Cast/ Real Name

  • Amalia Uys as San-Mari van Graan
  • Anel Alexander as Liesl
  • Angelique Pretorius as Anita
  • Anna-Mart van der Merwe as Christelle Terreblanche
  • Annelisa Weiland as Hilda van Zyl
  • Annelize van der Ryst as Netta Nortje
  • Antoinette Louw as Inge
  • Bertha Wahl as Emma Lategan
  • Bertha le Roux as Emma le Roux
  • Caleb Abrahams as Baba Aubrey #1
  • Caroline Jacobs as Zinzi
  • Chris van Niekerk as Francois Rossouw
  • Chris Voster as Ryno Lategan
  • Christo Davids as Errol Pieterse
  • David Johnson as Dwayne
  • Dawid Minnaar as Leon de Lange
  • Diaan Lawrenson as Paula van der Lecg
  • Denver Vraagom as Sheldon
  • Deon Coetzee as Herman
  • Elma Postma as Dezi van Jaarsveld Terreblanche
  • Fezile Mpela as Sello
  • Fiks Mahola as Simphiwe Mashiya
  • Francois Lensey as Marko Greyling
  • Frank Rautenbach as Tiaan Terreblanche
  • Freedom Hadebe as Mandla Khumalo
  • Hannie Jacobs as Diederik Greyling
  • Heino Schmitt as Altus de Bruyn
  • Helene Lombard as Sandra Theron Stutterheim
  • Hendrik Cronje as Lukas Mulder
  • Henré Pretorius as Theuns
  • Hughie Louw as Ivan Beukes
  • Igmar Erasmus as Baba Ewald #1
  • Illse Roos as Isabelle
  • Ingebord Riedmailer as Janet
  • Ingrid Paulus as Vanessa Meintjies
  • Ivan Zimmermann as Steyn
  • Izak Taljaard as Hannes
  • Jacques Blignaut as Vince Mentjies
  • Jana van der Merwe as Tania
  • Jo da Silva as Gita McGegor
  • Jody Abrahams as Dovovan Roux
  • Jordan Shade as Lat / Bosco
  • Keziah Jooste as Jocelyn Pieterse
  • Mary-Anne Wright as Meisie
  • Melanie du Bois as Felicity Daniels
  • Miems de Bruyn as Tannie Rademan
  • Mimi Mahlasela as Aggie
  • Neil Sandilands as Bart Kruger
  • Nico Panagiotopoulos as George Kyriakis
  • Nina Swart as Wilmien de Lange
  • Nthati Moshesh as Dr. Thabile Nkabinde
  • Pedro Camara as Carlos Perestrelo
  • Pierre van Pletzen as Septimus (Oubaas) van Zyl
  • Porteus Xandau as Bertus de Villers
  • Quinne Brown as Connie van der Lecg
  • Randall de Jager as Aubrey
  • Robert Bester as Zac Heymann
  • Ruan Burger as De Waal
  • Shaleen Surtie Richards as Dorothy Daniels
  • Simoné Smit as Nadia
  • Stain Bam as Dawid Greef
  • Susan Danford as Annette
  • Terence Bridgett as Jerome
  • Thembi Times as Maria Zibula
  • Theodore Jantjies as Xander Meintjies
  • Vinette Ebrahim as Charmaine Meintjies
  • Vera Ephraim as Mrs. Ndebane
  • Vuyelwa Booi as Alyce Morapedi
  • Yvonne van der Berg as Petre Malherbe Terreblanche
  • Waldemar Schultz as Jan-Hendrik Terreblanche
  • Wilna Snyman as Madel Terreblanche


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