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8 of the most underrated travel experiences in Africa

Adventure tour operator Explore Worldwide has researched over 350 hidden gems in over 130 countries across six of the world’s continents to reveal which ones are the most underrated.

The unique travel experiences have been ranked based on how high their Trip Advisor score is versus how many people have actually reviewed the activity, and how many Google searches there are around people wanting to try the experience.

Below are some of the most underrated destinations on our beautiful and diverse continent, Africa.

1. Gishora Drum sanctuary in Burundi

Gishora Drum sanctuary in Burundi made the top spot and is a wonderful experience, where the art of Burundi’s ancient drum rituals is celebrated. The ritual embarks you on a journey through history.

As stated on an Instagram post by “In Burundi, the drums were the pillar of the political power of the monarchy. They were made and beaten on special occasions by specialised families called ‘Abatimbo’ in important places, announcing great events of the country like the royal enthronement, the sowing festival, the funerals of the kings and gave the rhythm of regular seasons.”

2. The Roots Yard Off Grid camping, Ghana

The name should give you an indication of the type of experience, the Roots Yard Off Grid camping experience in Ghana is a time for you and the family to spend quality time, away from bustling towns. The camping site offers vegan food, a calming atmosphere, and places to go for long walks; absolute peace and quiet.

3. Kapishya Hot Springs, Chinsali, Zambia

Third on the list is Kapishya hot spring. It’s an extraordinary destination where you can enjoy warm waters surrounded by palm trees on the banks of Mansha River. Many have left this place feeling relaxed and ready for life.

Explore article stated the following: “The unique travel experiences have been ranked based on how high their Trip Advisor score is versus how many people have actually reviewed the activity, and how many Google searches there are around people wanting to try the experience.”

4. Langebaan Lagoon, South Africa

The Langebaan Lagoon is a large salt water lagoon. The beautiful landscape attracts numerous waterbirds, including Palearctic specimens and rare migrant Wader. What makes this lagoon so special is the fact that it has “been shaped by the rise and fall of sea levels over time, and is a self-sustaining, pure salt water lagoon”.

The West Coast is a beautiful part of South Africa, and really brings a sense of peace and tranquillity when you are there, the calm waters, white sand, and peaceful environment might just be the perfect place to enjoy time away to de-stress.

5. Boat trip to Nosy Fanihy Island, Madagascar

Get whisked away with the captain of the village of Andilana to this deserted island. Also known as, Robinson Crusoé you can explore; fishing sailing, snorkelling, swimming with superb seabed in clear and transparent water and the possibility of hiking around the island.

According to, it is advised to bring your own food and water as there are no stores available to buy provisions from. But of course you’re there to enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the turquoise waters.

This could make a good honeymoon trip.

6. Hiking The Drakensberg

Hiking has most certainly become a tradition and ritual for some. The study revealed that the Drakensberg Mountains, the highest mountains in southern Africa, offer a hiking and camping experience unlike any other, and often go unnoticed. This is especially for those who enjoy a challenging hike experience.

However, there are hiking trails for everyone to enjoy, from beginners to advanced. Drakensberg Hiker (a guided Drakensberg Hike) offers a variety of different guided hikes for people of all levels of fitness and hiking ability.

7. Spiagge di Anse Marron – The Secret Beach, Seychelles

Similar to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town, Western Cape, Spiagge di Anse Marron is one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth, surrounded by rocks and calm waters. To make it even sexier, the beach is private giving it that “secret” beach vibes, a true gem.

You can either take a hike or go by boat, but make sure to visit this “love island” beach. As stated in the ‘’The trail goes into the water, over rocks and through the dense forest. You will be rewarded as the destination of Spiagge di Anse Marron is so unique and hard to compare with other beaches.’’

8. Pelican Point Kayaking, Walvis Bay

Situated in Namibia is Pelican Point Kayaking, considered another one of Africa’s underrated places, scoring a dashing 66 points. If you haven’t been, it makes a great activity for the entire family. According to the official website: ‘’Pelican Point provides a home to up to 50 000 Cape Fur seals, lots of Heaviside’s and Bottlenose dolphins, black-backed jackals, flamingoes, pelicans and even the brown hyena. The Pelican Point lighthouse, erected nearly 100 years ago, still casts a guiding light to sailors during the night.’’

An ample amount of animals to see. You can imagine how exciting it will be for the little ones. To make the experience even better, visitors are able to kayak alongside dolphins and seals. Not to worry, the animals do not see humans as a threat. In fact, the seals interact with you by splashing water at you in a playful manner.

It’s time to give the underrated places on the African continent a lot more love. Many South Africans are now choosing to go on vacation in Africa rather than internationally. As the research revealed, Langebaan Lagoon and hiking the Drakensberg should be added to your bucket list, along with the many adventures you can explore in Africa.

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