A Twitter User Calls Out Anele Mdoda For Telling A Blatant Lie To Wendy Williams

A Tweep has named Anele Mdoda out for fabricating a lie to Wendy Williams, although Anele denies telling any fibs

Popular Us Tv presenter, Wendy took to her TV show to share that she was told that South Africans had a special day dedicated to her.Anele Mdoda did not deny that she told Wendy this and insisted that it was not a lie, such a day does actually exist PAY 

Wendy Williams is trending on social media after the TV host declared that April 10 was officially Wendy Williams Day in South Africa. The revelation left many Mzansi social media users in shock. As some took to Twitter to try to get to the bottom of why Wendy would say this, Anele Mdoda’s name came to the forefront. Anele Mdoda recently interviewed Wendy and it seems that she may have told her this ‘fact’ about SA. 

A Twitter user tweeted  “@Anele is it you that lied to Wendy Williams that April 10th it’s her day in South Africa?” to which Mdoda responded, “It’s not a lie nje.”

“Yes guys, it was me who told Wendy Williams that because it is. Lifetime SA tell them it is so #AneleandtheClub”

Tweeps began to question Anele asking if she was the one who told Wendy the information.Responding to it, Anele said: 

Thinking that was all, tweeps began to react sharing what they felt about the video:

See their reactions

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