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Denise Zimba is grateful | Fakaza News


Denise Zimba is grateful for life and the choices she’s made in life.

Taking to Twitter, the actress flexes the privileges enjoyed daily, especially by her family members.

She lost a number of friends in 2022, but she’s also gained more blessings.

“I am so grateful for the choices I’ve made in my life. I might have lost many friends (or so I thought I had), be isolated & forgotten about, but I gained so much more perspective, power, & love in abundance. I love being a woman, a mother, a wife, I hold my household down,” she wrote.

Denise further mentioned the things she’s grateful for, and thanked God for everything.

“I get to work whenever I feel, without the pressure of needing to. My child speaks 3 languages, & has two passports. I’m learning a new language, I travel a lot. My husband cooks amazing food, & gifts me with so much time & love. My in-laws are the kindest people. THANK YOU GOD.”

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