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DJ Tira Shows No Remorse When Foes And Fans Claim That His Irresponsibility Put The Lives Of Some People In Jeopardy.


South African music producer DJ Tira, was tagged irresponsible for putting the lives of some people at risk.

This comes after he became famous on Twitter after posting a video of himself playing at a bar recently.

This angered his supporters and followers, who accused him of being reckless for undermining the COVID 19 protocols. Both admirers and critics dragged Tira to the point where he had to remove footage and photos from the event.

The DJ however, seemed unapologetic over the matter, stating that he is not responsible for everyone who decided to turn up for the show, he said; 

“While yap yapping about my name don’t forget I don’t own a venue, I’m a Dj I get booked to come and perform, get paid, and go home. Be responsible and remove yourself from places that may be a danger to your health. Makoya Bearings #RockstarForever 21 Years of greatness.“