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Focalistic Replies Shebeshxt After His Viral ‘Podcast and Chill’ Interview


Acclaimed musician Focalistic, whose real name is Lethabo Sebetso, has responded to controversial rapper Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, popularly known as Shebeshxt.

Focalistic Replies Shebeshxt After His viral ‘Podcast and Chill’ interview

In a recent interview on MacG’s Podcast and Chill, the beloved Limpopo artist accused the Ke Star hitmaker of neglecting his performance at the Straata Nation Address.

This event marked Focalistic’s first one-man show, held at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens on September 16. Shebeshxt, whose interview garnered 1 million views in just two days, expressed his surprise, stating that he believed he and Focalistic were on good terms and even performed for free at the event.

“I don’t deny that the Straata Nation Address was packed, but do you think if I was not there it would be that packed? If you looked at what was trending on TikTok from the show, it was my performance, and he failed to post me. I went there for free. He didn’t pay me for it. Even the videos you saw of us at colleges and all, I never wanted a cent from him,” Shebeshxt said.

Focalistic’s Reply

While in Atlanta for Davido’s A.W.A.Y Festival, Focalistic addressed the issue on Instagram Live. The Khekheleza hitmaker emphasized his respect and love for Shebeshxt.

“That is my dawg. Maybe I didn’t post him the way he wanted me to post him. Before anything else, I have been posting him, he’s my dawg, and we will never fight, no matter what podcasts can do, we will never fight. You know I will never disrespect the streets. At the end of the day, we are all hustling for the same thing. It will always be love from me,” he said.

Regarding the non-payment matter, Focalistic assured that he would pay the Dilo Tse Massive rapper if that’s what he wants.

“With regards to payments. I asked him how much he wanted. I wanted to pay. Those who know [me] know I pay for people to perform at my shows, so he wanted to do it out of love and I respect that, so I don’t know. The problem is that people love beef and I don’t have it. I love him a lot. Whatever he wants, I got it. If he wants money he must tell me, let’s fix it. I’ve never imagined myself fighting Shebe.”

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