Frost Legato Comes For Those Who Constantly Attack Him On Twitter.

Botswana rapper, Frost Legato, has expressed his frustrations about those who are in the habit of constantly gossiping about him and his family

Taking to his Twitter to express his displeasure, the 25-year-old rapper attacked those who spew bitterness on his family, including his late girlfriend Zibo Bantsi, calling them evil. 

The rapper did not divulge what haters have been saying about them but clearly, he is livid and he issued a stern warning to them, to stop speaking behind their backs.

“Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, if you’re fixing your lips to ‘gossip’ about me, my family, or worse Zibs, you’re evil af and I have no desire to entertain your nonsense, leave me alone,” he tweeted.

— Frost Legato (@frostlegato) February 6, 2021

The rapper has been concentrating on his music career and raising his daughter,  following the death of zibo bantsi , her mum, who passed away on Thursday 1,2020 after experiencing complications whilst giving birth to their daughter. The popular youtuber was put into a medically induced coma shortly after the birth but later died.

In a tweet made recently, he opened up about how the passing of Zibo still hits hard and how 2020 robbed them of their future together. 

Frost shared a picture of them sitting inside a car looking smitten and captioned the post, “What a horrible year, it robbed us of our future, and time has failed to heal my wounds but our daughter is beautiful and I’ll make sure she knows who

Written by Dineo

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