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Hopie Carlson Biography: Untold Story Tucker Carlson’s Daughter Relationship… Everything You Need To Know


Hopie Carlson is famous because her father is Tucker Carlson, a well-known television show host. Tucker Carlson has gained fame and notoriety for his controversial views and opinions on societal issues.

Hopie Carlson Biography: Mystery About Tucker Carlson Daughter Relationship... Everything You Need To Know

He made it clear on reality television that he does not want his daughter to date a man who identifies as a feminist. People are curious to know more about Tucker Carlson’s daughters, and Hopie Carlson is one of them.

Hopie Carlson Profile Summary

Full NameHopie Carlson
Date of Birth1999
Place of BirthVirginia, United States
ParentsTucker Carlson (father), Susan Andrews (mother)
Siblings– Lilian Carlson (born in 1994)
– Buckley Carlson (born in 1997)
– Dorothy Carlson (born in 2002)
EducationAttended prestigious schools due to her father’s celebrity status, including St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School and St. George School. Currently studying at Virginia University.
InterestsDeveloped an interest in sports, particularly swimming and athletics during high school.
CareerNo established career at the moment; focused on education and acquiring skills.
Net WorthNot disclosed.
Public PresenceActive on Instagram (private account) and VSCO.

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Hopie Carlson’s Biography:

Hopie Carlson was born in 1999 in Virginia, in the United States. Her parents are Tucker Carlson, the famous talk show host, and Susan Andrews. Growing up, Hopie attended prestigious schools because of her father’s celebrity status.

Hopie Carlson Biography: Mystery About Tucker Carlson Daughter Relationship... Everything You Need To Know

She started at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School and later moved on to St. George School, the same high school her parents had attended. During her time in high school, she developed an interest in sports, particularly swimming and athletics.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Virginia University, where her siblings also study.

Tucker Carlson, Hopie’s father, is known for his controversial personality. He once shared his perspective on his daughters’ relationships, saying he would not allow them to date someone who identifies as a feminist, as he believes it would make them a “creep by definition.” He discussed these dating rules on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Hopie Carlson’s Career:

Hopie Carlson’s career is not yet established because she is currently focused on her education and acquiring the necessary skills.

Hopie Carlson’s Net Worth:

Information about Hopie Carlson’s net worth has not been disclosed.

Hopie Carlson’s Family:

Hopie’s father is Tucker Carlson, and he began his journalism career by fact-checking for Policy Review, a conservative journal by The Heritage Foundation.

Hopie Carlson Biography: Mystery About Tucker Carlson Daughter Relationship... Everything You Need To Know

He then worked for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and later The Weekly Standard in 1995. Tucker Carlson’s career has included hosting and co-hosting various TV shows and contributing to Fox News. He has faced controversies and challenges in his career.

Hopie’s mother is Susan Andrews, who is known for being a strong supporter of her husband, Tucker Carlson. Hopie is the third child of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews.

She has three siblings: her older sister, Lilian Carlson (born in 1994), her immediate elder brother, Buckley Carlson (born in 1997), and her younger sister, Dorothy Carlson (born in 2002).

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews met in 10th grade and began dating at a young age. Their relationship has lasted for over two decades, and they got married in their high school chapel, where they first met. They have been married since 1991 and have four children together.

Hopie Carlson’s Age:

She was born in 1999, making her 24 years old as of 2023.

Hopie Carlson Now:

Hopie Carlson has chosen to live a private life away from the media’s attention. While she is active on Instagram, her account is set to private.

Additionally, she is active on VSCO, a photography app and social media platform, where users can capture and edit photos with various filters and editing tools.