How To Successfully Stop Hair Shedding With Just Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera serves as a great detangler, and we all know tangling is one of the biggest reasons for hair breakage. Before washing your hair, detangling it would reduce hair breaking by a whole lot. It’s advisable to comb your hair before washing to reduce hair loss. 

Before you comb your hair, divide the hair into two sections and bind one part so you can focus on the other side.

Grab the first part and follow the step by step process below. 

Aloe vera leaves.

How To Make And Use Aloe Juice; 

  1. Get aloe vera leaves, wash it with warm water, and cut out the jagged edges, be careful not to cut out too much. 

2. Use your knife to slice through the aloe Vera from where the sharp thorns used to be. Slice it in two, so you have to different parts. 

3. Now use a spoon to take out the insides of the aloe vera, take it all out, and you can toss the skin in the bin. 

4. Sieve the aloe vera to get rid of the lumps so you don’t have residue in your hair. 

5. You are left with the liquid and very slimy aloe juice. Put it in a spray bottle, but if you don’t have one, you can leave it in a bowl. 

6. To apply the aloe juice to the first section of your hair, divide your hair into smaller units, so you don’t leave some part out. 

7. Avoid rubbing the hair as that would only tangle the hair that you are trying to detangle. 

8. Make sure the aloe vera gets into the hair properly then move to the next section. 

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9. Bind the section you just attended to so it isn’t in your way. Avoid using a plastic band; tiny scrunches would be preferable. 

10. Repeat the entire process on the other section of your hair. Now you can untie both units and gently massage the aloe vera from your roots to your tips. Don’t forget to apply it to your roots because it softens your new growth and makes it easier to comb. 

11. Grab a wide-toothed comb and start combing your, make your way from the tips of the hair before getting to the roots. (If you are up for it, you can switch to a less wide comb, but it isn’t necessary.) 

12. After combing, you would realize that you just successfully detangled your hair with little to no shedding. 

13. Rinse off the aloe vera with warm water, not hot water, just mild warm, slightly above room temperature. 

Now you are ready to wash your hair, and you’d have less shedding and a fuller, stinger hair if you keep this up.

PS: if you have dry hair, you are more likely to experience shedding, so avoid air-drying your hair. 

Consider wrapping your hair instead of air or blow drying, and don’t towel rub it to dry, pat it softly. 

Written by Sanelisiwe

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