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“It hurts” Zaza Mokhethi Speaks on Not Getting Local Awards


After an impressive 13 years in the music industry, gospel sensation Zaza Mokhethi expresses a sense of underappreciation from award shows.

"It hurts" Zaza Mokhethi Speaks on Not Getting Local Awards

Throughout her illustrious career, Zaza has collaborated with notable artists such as Rebecca Malope, Vicky Vilakazi, and Solly Mahlangu.

She has graced international stages, contributed to renowned gospel groups like Joyous Celebration and Spirit of Praise, and boasts numerous hit songs as a solo artist.

Despite these remarkable accomplishments, Zaza reveals that she possesses only one local award, shedding light on the apparent lack of recognition from award ceremonies throughout her enduring journey in the music realm.

“I don’t own an award from the biggest awards in Mzansi. I think I have one from Mpumalanga. I [only] get nominations at the big awards.” She said during her sit-down on The Venting Podcast.

“I also want to know the criteria they use because it doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve received awards outside, in Tanzania, London, and the US. I receive awards from those people but nothing here at home.

“It’s very painful to feel unappreciated at home. It hurts. I don’t know how the people who get them, get them. But they get them. I made peace with it and decided not to enter [awards] again because it hurts. It makes you feel like you are not enough. I decided to make music for the people and not be nominated for awards.”

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