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“I’ve cried so much,” Lady Du speaks about her new business


Lady Du is proud of her beauty business, as she takes to social media to talk about its progress.

In 2022, the singer shared photos of the beauty saloon, saying she invested all her money in bringing it to reality.

Returning to social media this Friday

“I’ve never cried sooo much this week, not because I was sad but because I am almost done working on my salon.

This has been the best decision I’ve ever made, I sacrificed a lot to buy and revamp this home to be what it is today. I had to re-do the whole house, but it was all worth it.

I wish I could help so many of our peers, I wish I could get a platform to speak about how hard this industry is and how important it is to invest your money on things that might save you in your dark days.

I’m not perfect I don’t know it all but I know I have something to always fall back on.

This is your money, your streams, it created employment, this is the first franchise, I’d love to open more!!!! All the money for streams and your bookings helped me achieve my biggest dream I thank you from the bottom of my soul

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