J Molley Narrates How He Almost Got Robbed By Thugs

SA hip-hop artist J Molley took to his Twitter account, to narrate how he and his friends almost got robbed in a small town by thugs.

J Molley revealed that, “So we’re driving through some small town & this punk ass thug opens our boot mid drive & takes off with 2 of our bags. I ran out that car so quick, barefoot even, strap in my hand. That town could not believe it Homie saw his life flash Got all our stuff back lord knows”.

See tweet below

His fans reacted to his post,

“U strapped but u running.. What’s up gang? .. U don’t trust the speed of the bullet? Or u faster when u barefoot”?

“Yu even better than Kevin hart with jokes dawg😂”

“You strapped up fr? Shit man that must have been a scene”😂😂

Written by Dineo

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