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#JohnVuliGate Viral Girls Gets Brand Endorsements… They Now Dancing To The Bank!


Viral #JohnVuliGate challenge girls have seemed to be leveling up in their newfound fame as they have bagged endorsement deals from clothing brands and alcoholic companies.

JohnVuliGate Viral Girls –

Alongside newly secured bags, criticism and backlash follows as Twitter moral inspectors have chosen to question their morals and way of life, saying they aren’t worth the attention and deals they are getting.

The girls have chosen not to pay attention to what tweeps have to say and admitted the fame wasn’t premeditated, and they joined the challenge because a friend of theirs had done the challenges online and enjoyed it.

Replying to comment that tried reducing them to “slay queens,” the lead dancer and birthday girl Kgomotso Aphane said, “We’re young and had fun without a man around us. That’s why people are bitter. I don’t see the need to explain ourselves.”

Furthermore, adding  “As for the word stoko, it’s been there for ages. Boys have been calling women that and it’s normal.”

Commenting on a disguting and sexualixing comment a tweep made wishing Kgomotso Aphane pleated Skirt to blow up Actress Dineo Langa said that they were young girls and were allowed to have fun without being harassed by men.

Expressing “I love the Beyoncé of the ‘John vuli gate’ video … Young, carefree and absolutely the girl she thinks she is in that pleated leather skirt. I am disgusted by men who are in the comments section, hoping and praying that the lead lady’s skirt goes up due to a sudden gust of wind. Let girls have fun in peace yerrrr!” she tweeted.

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