Linda Mtoba Advises Fan On Social Media

SA actress Linda Mtoba has advised fans on social media that most of what they see on the internet are false.

The 29 years old actress further stated that all that glitters is not always gold.

Some Instagram influencers are fond of posting  pictures of themselves carrying designer bags and wearing expensive outfit, while in reality, they’re living a different life 

Taking to Twitter, she captioned her post;

“We get so consumed with what we see on IG that we think it’s a real representation of the life and the lives people lead. When in actual fact not many afford the many things we take for granted.” 

“Reality is not every second person has a LV bag or Dior shoe or Hermès bag in the way IG will make it seem. And it’s OK to not have those things. Take all the time you need in life.”

Written by Dineo


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