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Linda Mtoba Shares Her Postpartum Experience Months After Giving Birth To Her First Child [Video]


Linda Mtoba uses poetry to describe how she fell in love with her body after giving birth to her first child.

After six years together, Mtoba and her husband, Steven Meyer, had their first child in October of last year.

So far, the actress has avoided photographing her baby girl’s face.

Now, taking to her Instagram page the actress shared a photo and video of her postpartum body, which followers appreciated.

Captioning the post, Linda detailed how her body looked different and it took time for her to fall in love with her body after birthing.

I remember touching you and feeling a stranger,

In the darkness I’d hold you hoping you’d feel familiar.

Id run my fingers down you and try to find traces of you, the old you but this was new.

You weren’t there, I wasn’t there.

So I took the time and reintroduced myself tried to get reacquainted with this stranger my soul inhabits.

So bruised, so stretched. So not me.

It took a while but soon I could bare looking at her with the lights on.

The grooves of her body started to feel familiar.

My touch to her skin didn’t feel like strangers meeting.

My reflection in the mirror became a familiar greeting.

Where she smiled at me and I saw me.

This body, my body, was a stranger.

We worked hard to get to know eachother again.

We worked even harder to love me again.

I found her, deep within the layers of my skin, I found her.

I’m happy to be with her again, though bruised and scarred she remains.