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Masechaba on Her Fertility Journey-“I Wanted Another Child”


Recently, radio and TV personality Masechaba Khumalo opened up about her fertility journey.

Masechaba on Her Fertility Journey-"I Wanted Another Child"

Sometime in May, Masechaba welcomed her third child with her new lover. Taking to social media, the mom of three reflected on her fertility journey.

“Giving birth has been such an exhilarating experience, especially because no two pregnancies are the same. Five years ago, after an X-ray, my doctor told me that I would have to have my womb removed due to excessive fibroids (cancer runs in my family so I did not take this lightly). I was told that I am infertile. For anyone else, this wouldn’t be a train-smash, I was already blessed with 2 healthy, amazing boys. However, anyone who knows me knows how much I love kids, I have always dreamt of having a big family. I wanted another child,” she narrated.

Masechaba said the decision to try for a third baby against the wishes of the doctors is a decision she and her husband made.

“In spite of this diagnosis, I chose to go against medical advice and trusted my intuition. I dreamt of my baby before he was born, I KNEW I was destined to be a 3rd time mom. My partner loves children. For him, my diagnosis didn’t matter (in fact, he’s always wanted to adopt). However, in spite of this bleak diagnosis, we made a decision that we were going to try for a baby. We were intentional about having our 3rd child. After cleansing my system ngeMbiza, we both took zinc supplements everyday for several months and today, I can say without reservation, that @lukhanyo_lwezizwe was nothing short of a miracle,” Masechaba added.

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