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“My ancestors gave me the signs,” Baby Cele on divorcing her ex-husband


Baby Cele confirms the end of her third marriage

Baby Cele confirms her marriage to businessman Thabo Maloka ended two years ago.

She opened up in an interview on  Engineer Your Life; she said there was no case of fight or infidelity before the marriage ended.

“I’m not married anymore. I got divorced two years ago and people don’t know.”

“As a sangoma, my ancestors gave me the signs that it was time to end the marriage. I was happy but the signs were too loud and I had to make the decision. Now I am single and mingling and I am happy.”

The actress who has been divorced three times has learnt various lessons, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

“I have mastered divorce, it doesn’t hurt anymore because I believe if a marriage no longer works it should end.”

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