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Netizens Warn DJ Stokie After Viral Photo With Lady Zamar


DJ Stokie is causing a stir on social media as he trends after sharing captivating photos with Lady Zamar on Instagram.

Netizens Warn DJ Stokie After Viral Photo With Lady Zamar

Fans took to various platforms to express their concerns after the Amapiano sensation posted a picture-perfect moment with the bubbly songstress.

In the now-viral photo, DJ Stokie and Lady Zamar appear all smiles, sparking speculation about the nature of their connection.

The picture has ignited thousands of comments and reactions across social media. Fans are sharing their thoughts on the unexpected duo.

While some fans speculated that the photo might capture a chance encounter at an event, others hinted at a potential collaboration between DJ Stokie and Lady Zamar. Comments flooded DJ Stokie’s Instagram, with some urging caution and others expressing excitement for what could be a musical collaboration.

Social media reactions varied. Some fans playfully warned DJ Stokie about Lady Zamar’s persona, while others anticipated more musical hits from the duo. The possibility of a collaboration sparked positive reactions, with fans already envisioning a successful partnership.

Lady Zamar, known for making headlines in the past due to relationship issues and abuse allegations, continues to attract attention.

Despite the court dismissing her case against Sjava, discussions surrounding her past allegations persist. These discussions contribute to the ongoing public discourse.