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Night of Doom Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Night of Doom Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: “Night of Doom on StarLife tells a captivating story about a family trying to break a curse that has affected them for three generations.

The main bad guy, Kalasur, does everything he can to make sure he’s a part of every generation. To achieve this, Kalasur uses supernatural powers to create chaos within the family. The drama becomes really intense as the family fights back.”

Night of Doom debuted on StarLife on August 23, 2022. The first season of the show has finished, and it includes 72 episodes.

The Hindi version of the TV series is called “Qayamat Ki Raat.” Up to now, Night of Doom’s story and cast have captured the affection of many telenovela enthusiasts.

Night of Doom‘s full story

The Night of Doom’s story starts in 1993 with a newly married couple, Suhasini and Mahendra. According to their tradition, Suhasini needs to give her wedding chain to a deity known as Lord Rama for blessings. To do this, they embark on a journey to the Ram temple located in Ramnamgarh.

Suhasini and Mahendra take a train to reach the temple. When they arrive, a man named Birju, who is a loyal friend of Mahendra, greets them. He kindly offers to drive them to the temple in his taxi. However, upon reaching the temple, the couple realizes they have left the chain in the car.

Mahendra goes back to get it, leaving his wife with Birju at the temple. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know that Birju is already possessed. While they are at the temple, Suhasini gets suspicious. First, she doesn’t see Lord Rama, and secondly, strange things start happening in the temple.

Suhasini accidentally finds a hidden door and falls down the stairs into a secret basement in the temple. In the basement, she encounters a Tantrik named Kalasur who greets her warmly. To her surprise, he asks her to sleep with him. At this point, she becomes resistant and screams for help. They start fighting, and soon Mahendra arrives to rescue her.

Fortunately, Suhasini successfully escapes but leaves Mahendra behind in the temple, badly hurt. Using his supernatural abilities, Kalasur changes his appearance to look like Mahendra. He then follows Suhasini as she heads to Thakur Prithvi Singh Suryavanshi’s place to seek help.

At the palace, everyone is deeply disturbed by the news and rushes to the temple to rescue Mahendra, leaving Suhasini behind. Unexpectedly, Kalasur, disguised as Mahendra, arrives at the palace and attempts to convince Suhasini to sleep with him. While in the bedroom, she notices that he is not her husband through an image on the ceiling.

Shortly after, the people from the palace return with Mahendra and the priest. They successfully trap Kalasur in a ring of holy ashes on the floor. However, Kalasur refuses to give in and fights back fiercely, insisting on being with Suhasini. Frustrated, she cuts off his hand and head. Despite this, he hints that he will return and curses the females from her generation.

Two and a half decades later, the story continues in Mumbai with the birth of two girls, Karuna and Gauri, who are the biological daughters of Mahendra. A family named Vikram comes to seek Karuna’s hand in marriage. Their son Aman, who recently returned from the USA with his close friend Rajvardhan “Raj” Singh, the son of Uma and Prithvi, is part of this proposal.

Aman and Raj have a rocky first encounter with Karuna and Gauri. They hijack their taxi and end up deflating the tires, leaving the ladies with no other choice but to trek to the railway station. Fortunately, they make it to the railway station and board a train. However, they decide to get off the train to buy something, and the train departs, leaving them stranded.

Once again, they opt to walk home and take a shortcut through the woods. It’s here that Karuna accidentally falls into a patch of quicksand, where Kalasur’s hand had been buried. This act grants him the magical powers to control his hand once more.

History seems to repeat itself as Karuna gets injured and Aman and Raj come to her aid, taking her to the same temple for help, the very temple Suhasini had visited 25 years ago. A similar set of events unfolds for Gauri, who finds herself in the basement after stumbling through a hidden door. Fearful for their lives, Raj and Aman rush home to seek assistance.

The people from the temple arrive just in time. They discover that Gauri has already been rescued from Birju, who had been trapped in the temple for 25 years. They decide to take him to the village and tie him to a tree with the intention of burning him. However, their plan is foiled when Thakur Prithvi arrives with the police and saves Birju from this fate.

At the palace, preparations are in full swing for the wedding between Karuna and Aman. However, to everyone’s surprise, Raj and Gauri are secretly plotting against the marriage because they believe that Karuna and Aman are not truly in love.

In the process of trying to thwart the wedding, Raj and Gauri unexpectedly fall in love themselves. Meanwhile, Kalasur returns with even more fury than before. He causes a catastrophic accident that leaves Aman and Karuna severely injured. Strangely, Aman’s body mysteriously disappears, while Kalasur takes possession of Karuna’s body.

Gauri now faces the challenge of rescuing Raj because Karuna, under Kalasur’s control, is after him. During her efforts to save her future husband, Gauri tragically loses her father and grandmother.

Gauri’s grandmother’s secret holds the key to solving the family’s puzzle. It is later revealed that Uma, Raj’s mother, is actually Kalasur’s sister. The sacred “shaligram” that is shown to Gauri aids her in healing Raj, who is also under the influence of Kalasur’s evil spirit. Tragically, Uma finds the “shaligram” and uses it to resurrect Kalasur.

In the end, Gauri and Raj, with immense determination, manage to defeat Kalasur. They bury his ashes, hoping that he won’t return. Sadly, their love story remains incomplete as they too pass away in the process.

In the final chapter

we meet Vaidehi Khanna and Raghav Sharma, who are the reincarnations of Gauri and Raj. Vaidehi is a successful young businessperson, while Raghav is an aspiring architect. Their paths cross at an auction event, setting the stage for a new chapter in the story.

The narrative also introduces us to Sanjana, a woman who belongs to Kalasur’s bloodline. Sanjana is determined to win Raghav’s love, but her primary goal is to bear his child, ensuring that Kalasur’s influence continues into the third generation.

Vaidehi Khanna and Raghav fall deeply in love with each other and decide to take their relationship to the next level by planning a wedding ceremony. However, on their wedding day, Kalasur kidnaps his brother Raghav through Raghav’s sister.

With the assistance of a priest, Vaidehi manages to perform a ritual using Raghav’s photo. She ultimately uses a divine knife to defeat and vanquish Kalasur, putting an end to his malevolent mission once and for all. The family can finally live happily ever after, free from the shadow of Kalasur’s evil.

Night of Doom Profile Summary

NameNight of Doom
Première DateAugust 23, 2022
Number of Seasons1
Total Episodes72
StorylineA family’s struggle to break a generational curse caused by the main antagonist, Kalasur, who uses supernatural powers to create chaos within the family. The drama intensifies as the family fights back.
LanguageHindi (Original)
Viewers’ ReceptionHighly popular among telenovela enthusiasts.

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1. Karishma Tanna as Gauri Suryavanshi

Karishma Tanna as Gauri Suryavanshi

Karishma Tanna is a well-known Indian actress, model, and news anchor. She was born on December 21, 1983. In the show, she takes on three roles: Suhasini and Mahendra’s daughter, Suhasini’s mother, and Raghav’s wife.

2. Vivek Dahiya as Rajvardhan “Raj” Singh Suryavanshi

Vivek Dahiya as Rajvardhan “Raj” Singh Suryavanshi

Vivek Dahiya is another popular Indian personality. He was born on November 8, 1984, in Chandigarh, India. He plays a significant role in the TV show “Savitri” as Prithvi’s son and Vaidehi’s husband.

3. Nirbhay Wadhwa as Kaalasur Taantrik

Nirbhay Wadhwa as Kaalasur Taantrik

Nirbhay Wadhwa is a movie and TV actor from Jaipur, India. He was born on 28th September 1987. In the TV show, he plays the main villain. Actor Saurish Singh Atwal also acts in the same role.

4. Madhurima Tuli as Sanjana

Madhurima Tuli as Sanjana

Madhurima Tuli is well-known as an Indian actress and model. She was born on 19th August 1986 in Odisha, India. In her work, she portrays the character of an antagonist from the last generation of Kaalasur.

5. Dipika Kakar as Suhasini Chauhan Thakur

Dipika Kakar as Suhasini Chauhan Thakur

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim is an actress from Pune, India. She was born on 6th August 1986. In the Hindi television show, she plays the role of Mahendra’s wife.

6. Dalljiet Kaur as Karuna Thakur Suryavanshi

Dalljiet Kaur as Karuna Thakur Suryavanshi

Actress Dalljiet Kaur was born on 15th November 1982 in Ludhiana, India. In her personal life, she is married to actor Shalin Bhanot.

The supporting cast

  1. Sumit Bhardwaj as Dharam Choudhary
  2. Sagar Saini as Shekhar Khanna
  3. Manish Khanna as Prithvi Singh Suryavanshi
  4. Farida Patel Venkat as Rushali Khanna
  5. Rini Das as Hawk Avni
  6. Shweta Gautam as Savitri Suryavanshi
  7. Apara Mehta Jariwala as Madhuri Thakur
  8. Papiya Sengupta as Uma Suryavanshi
  9. Sheetal Maulik as Mamta Thakur
  10. Mehul Nisar as Vikram Singh Suryavanshi
  11. Rohit Choudhary as Viraaj Kukreja
  12. Priyamvada Pandey as Meenakshi Suryavanshi
  13. Mala Salariya as Nishtha Suryavanshi
  14. Karan Kaushal Sharma as Pandit Vedprakash Shastri
  15. Arpit Chaudhary as Abhay Thakur
  16. Hemakshi Sharma as Gurumaa
  17. Kingkini Bhattacharya as Yakshini/Mishka
  18. Divya Kushwaha as Aditi Singh Suryavanshi
  19. Karam Rajpal as Ajay Pratap Singh/ Kaalasur 2
  20. Sumit Verma as Vidyut Shastri
  21. Manorama Bhattishyam as Sorceress Jugni
  22. Gaurav Alugh as Vikaas Thakur
  23. Abhinav Kohli as Mahendra Thakur
  24. Manraj Singh as Aman Singh Suryavanshi
  25. Rajeev Saxena as Pandit Sukhanand Abhinava
  26. Gaurav Walia as Lakha Choudhary
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