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Ramo Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Ramo Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: EExtra’s Ramo brings more excitement to entertainment fans. It’s a great way to unwind and enjoy your evenings. The show offers a thrilling adventure with an intriguing storyline. If you like action series, this is a show worth your time.

Ramo Tukwood is an engaging novella that grabs your attention with its exciting story and characters. It’s all about Ramo, a young man caught in a web of secrets and deceit. The show first aired on August 31, 2023, at 9:00 PM, taking the place of Die Put 3.

Ramo Full Story

Ramo, a Turkish drama, tells the story of a man named Ramo, who leads a group of outlaws. They are involved in stealing and selling diesel for a powerful family that controls the entire region. Despite their hard work, they are treated poorly, receiving only meager rewards for their efforts.

The boss, Cengiz, keeps all the profits for himself, leaving Ramo and his group feeling fed up with the injustice. Determined to change the system, Ramo decides to rebel at all costs, following in his father’s footsteps. His motivation comes from the deepest pain within him, driving him to fight with unwavering determination.

Ramo’s journey is far from easy. He must not only confront his adversaries but also contend with family, allies, and his own inner conflicts. One of his most significant challenges is his intense love for Sibel, the daughter of his worst enemy. This complex web of relationships and conflicts forms the heart of the gripping storyline in Ramo.

Ramo Profile Summary

Plot SummaryAn engaging novella following the life of Ramo, a young man entangled in a world of secrets and deceit. Ramo leads a group of outlaws who steal and sell diesel for a dominant family controlling the region. Fed up with their treatment, he is determined to overthrow the system at any cost, even if it means confronting his own family and battling with his intense love for Sibel, the daughter of his worst enemy.
CastCast members not specified
Premiere DateAugust 31, 2023
Air Time9:00 PM
TeasersEExtra’s Ramo promises an exciting adventure, making it a great choice for action series enthusiasts to unwind and enjoy their evenings

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Ramo: Cast/ Real Name / Pictures:

Hein de Vries

Hein de Vries Profile Summary

Full NameHein de Vries
Date of Birth2 April 1981
Age42 years old in 2023
BirthplaceCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Current NationalitySouth African
EthnicityMultiracial (Coloured)

Hein de Vries Career

The actor hails from Cape Town, located in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It’s reported that he went to Blackheath High School. In 2008, he had his first TV acting gig, featuring in two episodes of the local drama series Transito. Since then, he’s been part of various local and international productions.

Abduragman Adams

Full NameAbduragman Adams (also known as Abduragmaan Adams)
OccupationSouth African actor, director, and drama lecturer
Notable TV ShowsHeartlines, Known Gods, Rugby Motors, Die Boland Moorde, Suidooster (kykNET soap opera)
Starring RoleIn 2015, he landed a starring role in the kykNET soap opera Suidooster, set in Cape Town, in the fictional suburb of Ruiterbosch

Abduragman Adams Career

Abduragman is a multi-talented professional from South Africa. He works as an actor, director, and drama lecturer. In 2015, he secured a role in the kykNET soap opera, Suidooster, and has continued to appear in various series since then. Some of the other television shows he’s been part of are Die Boland Moorde, Heartlines, Known Gods, and Rugby Motors.

Anrich Herbst

Anrich Herbst Profile Summary

Full NameAnrich Herbst
Date of Birth1 November 1972
OccupationSouth African actor and voice artist
Notable Roles– Wimpie van Tonder in the sitcom Orkney Snork Nie

Anrich Herbst Career

If you watched Orkney Snork Nie from 1989 to 1992, you’d recognize Anrich; he portrayed Wimpie van Tonder. He began auditioning at the age of 14, and by the time he was 15, he was already shooting. Anrich has also been part of other TV series like Egoli: Place of Gold, Voete van Goud, and Die Vierde Kabinet.

Rushney Ferguson

Rushney Ferguson Profile Summary

Full NameRushney Ferguson
OccupationActress, Teacher, and Choreographer
EducationStudied at the Waterfront Theatre College
Notable TV Shows– King Kong: Legend Of A Boxer

Rushney Ferguson Career

Rushney is a multi-talented professional. She’s an actress, teacher, and choreographer, and she honed her skills at the Waterfront Theatre College. As an actress, she’s made appearances in TV shows like King Kong: Legend Of A Boxer, Langarm, Danger In The Dark, and Aunty Merle: It’s A Girl. Notably, she earned two Fleur du Cap award nominations during her career.


  • Ira Blanckenberg
  • Jill Levenberg
  • Maria Valente
  • Craig Adriaanse
  • Reece Poole
  • Nethanel Swartz
  • Keenan Herman
  • Andre Samuels
  • Jacques Theron
  • Yaaseen Sadan
  • Sanchia Davids
  • Jurgen McEwan
  • Veronique Jephtas
  • Rushin Brinkhuys
  • Christian Bennett
  • Rushney Ferguson
  • Hein Poole
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