Sdumo Mtshal Writes A Farewell Message To ‘Isibaya’

 South African Actor, Sdumo Mtshal has decided to bid a farewell to ‘Isibaya’ with a heartwarming message on his Instagram account.

“8 years of Growth. 8 seasons of Gratitude. To the cast and crew of Isibaya, thank you. No amount of Thank You’s could ever express the depth of my gratitude for each and everyone of you.

For those that don’t know the back story of how I got blessed with the opportunity to play Sbusiso Ndlovu… 3 words; Trust The Process,” reads Sdumo’s post.

The actor in another post put up a collage of pictures taken during his stint on the show and penned a moving message, thanking the cast and crew for this beautiful ride.

“What a beautiful 8 years on Isibaya with you. Thank you for so many beautiful scenes and memories, for sharing your talent and being so joyful. You have been such a delight to watch on screen, to talk to and work with.

You are a gentleman, a professional and an amazing talent. I have loved Sbu deeply, who this character is in his essence.

He has been so important for SA TV, too much negative representation of young back men in the world, Sbu represented a young man making his own journey, staying true to his own values and integrity, trying to break free from the shackles of past, but still respecting his roots and culture, hardworking, fueled by ambition, wanting to build a decent life and family.

He has remained a man of integrity no matter what. And I have loved and admired how you took the character off the page and sculpted him to be such a strong person that everyone loved.”

Image: source, Instagram

The 37 years old talented actor also penned a heartwarming post to his ex-TV wife Nonzamo Mbatha by writing a heartfelt message to her 

“We felt all your love for Thandeka, we wanted you to win her and win at life, we celebrated you when you did, we cried with you when you lost her. Oh my god, what performances you have given SA viewers on Isibaya.

Thank you for loving Sbu and Isibaya and showing your heart in so many scenes. It has been amazing to watch you grow.

And I am so excited to see you explore something new. I know you are going to be amazing in it and will be a big name in SA Entertainment for the next few decades.

All my love and best wishes to you Sdumo. Thank you ❤️ Thank you for this message,”

 The producer of the show, Angus Gibson said  Sdumo was god-given to them after they had tried to find a replacement for a previous actor who portrayed Sdumo’s character. He thanked him for his contribution to the growth of the and wished him all the best in his future endeavors

Actor Sdumo Mtshali, has been playing the role of Sbusiso in the drama “Isibaya” since 2013.

Written by Dineo

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