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SEE | Tensions high as pupils damage house of Gauteng man accused of killing Grade 10 boy


  • High school pupils have damaged the home of a man they claimed was among those who killed their peer. 
  • The man was rescued by the police.
  • Three suspects have been arrested for killing Shawn Mphela outside his school.

Tensions remain high outside Geluksdal Secondary School following the killing of a Grade 10 pupil on Thursday. 

Accompanied by some parents, pupils and others from neighbouring schools gathered outside the Geluksdal on Friday. 

They were prevented by the police and Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department officers from accessing the school.

Earlier, a group of pupils from Geluksdal damaged a property they claimed belonged to a man who stabbed Shawn Mphela, 18, to death.

They entered the yard carrying sticks, bricks and rocks, breaking windows.

They then entered the house through the broken windows looking for the man.

The Police swiftly arrived and ordered the group to go outside. 

The group remained outside the gate while police strategised on how to remove the man who was still inside the house.

A visibly shaken woman left through the kitchen door and stood behind the police for safety.

A few minutes later, a police Nyala arrived, and the pupils gained entry again, chanting slogans.

The police then opened fire on the pupils with rubber bullets and stun grenades before driving away with the man in the Nyala.

While this was happening, Gauteng MEC Matome Chiloane drove past the house to visit Mphela’s home in Tsakane.

Chiloane told News24 he did not condone the behaviour of the pupils.

“It is unfortunate. The incident hurt the pupils. They then felt that we, as parents, had failed them, and they wanted to deal with the situation. They are feeling the way they are feeling. We will go and counsel them. Let us allow the law to take its course and justice be served.

“We must allow the healing process to take place. At this rate, we might not have schooling in this place. That is not what we want. We will spend time over the weekend to ensure schooling resumes on Monday.”

Chiloane added teachers were prepared to continue with their work.

He also lashed out at some parents who were seen influencing pupils.

“A school teaches, and parents must instil discipline. Some pupils complained that there are parents who teach their children racism, hatred, and division. Those children come to school thinking it is okay to hate other pupils of a different colour.

“We will harmonise and bring everybody on board to ensure schooling resumes. What happened is sad. I understand their [pupils] anger. It is not pleasant to lose their peer. We can’t normalise children seeing death. They are at an age where death can’t be normal.

“They were with Mphela earlier in the day. They had lunch, shared notes, and played together. Then in the evening, somebody took his life. We have dispatched social workers to assist our children. These racial tensions and unrest are not good for anyone. We must unite and protect our school,” Chiloane said. 

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It is alleged a fight broke out when three Grade 10 pupils pepper-sprayed others during school hours. 

Subsequently, about eight pupils confronted them about their behaviour, and they stopped. 

The alleged perpetrators emerged after school in the company of unknown persons.

A fight broke out, and Mphela was stabbed to death.

A pupil escaped with minor injuries, while one of the alleged perpetrators was injured during the fracas.

The police have arrested three people in connection with Mphela’s murder.

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