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Sonia Mbele Is Set to Sue a Couple For Assualting Her


SA actress Sonia Mbele is taking legal action against a couple, Uyanda Mazibuko and Zamo Tshabalala, for an alleged assault.

Sonia Mbele Is Set to Sue a Couple For Assualting Her

The former Generations star is determined to hold Uyanda Mazibuko and Zamo Tshabalala accountable for an alleged assault that took place at a popular restaurant and nightclub over the weekend.

Sonia’s PR manager, Thato Malindi, confirmed the actress has consulted her lawyer and is planning to pursue legal action.

Malindi emphasized, “She is definitely going to take legal action, that was abuse. Even if you don’t like someone, you have no right to attack them,”

Sonia vs Uyanda

The ruckus started on Monday, when a social media gossip account, Buzzy B, reported that Sonia and Uyanda got into a physical altercation at Saint in Sandton, Johannesburg, allegedly over Zamo.

“Uyanda confronted Sonia accusing her of dating her man who she also a side chick to. The two fought ratchetly in front of the elite Sandton patrons and their fight was so ghetto they pulled their wigs off,”

Maphephandaba, another gossip account told a different version. Uyanda and Zamo allegedly attacked Sonia, humiliating and embarrassing her in front of her friends.

“I’m completely traumatized and shocked by such evil 👿 my producer friends and I walked away peacefully but that was not enough. Being bullied at a restaurant was not cool!” Sonia commented under the Maphephandaba post on IG.

According to a source, Uyanda is bitter because Sonia denied her a chance to be on the RHOJ years back. Uyanda was approached by the producers to be on the third season, however, Sonia discovered that she was too young. Apparently, cast members have to be 25 or older, Uyanda didn’t take that too kindly and is bitter about that.

In the aftermath of the incident, the couple was reportedly banned from the restaurant. However, the club’s manager, Chris Nkosi, declined to comment on the matter, citing a lack of liberty to do so.

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