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Yanga Chief says Nota tried gaining access to AKA’s house with fake identity

Yanga Chief shuts down Nota Baloyi’s suspicions

Yanga Chief exposes Nota Baloyi’s attempt to gain access into the late AKA’s house using a fake identity.

The rapper opened up about the saga while trying to shut down the critic for labeling friends of the late rapper as suspects.

Baloyi has taken to social media to question friends and those in AKA’s close circle about his killing in Durban.

While the claims made rounds on social media, Yanga slammed Nota for spreading false narrations.

“You’re not gonna push some narrative that aKa was some kind of fool who was betrayed by his friends just so you can feel better about being an out and out hater while he was still breathing!!! You are the enemy Msunu!!! We don’t fuck with you!! Bozo!!! Neither did FORBES!!!”

“Now you wanna destroy the love of people Forbes cared about over some likes. Mother fuck you are a heartless piece of shit!! Noba ungathini WE WILL NEVER FUCK WITH YOU,” he added.

Yanga Chief further revealed that Nota Baloyi disguised himself as a SABC official in other gain access to AKA’s house.

“You were turned away from Kiernan’s home yesterday!!! (Claiming you’re SABC). Next thing your accusing everyone of BS. You’re pathetic! Always have been and always will be!! Fuck you Nota!! We don’t need you!!! Never did never will!! You’re a fraud,” Chief wrote.



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