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5 ways to make your cooking gas last longer


Pressure pots or cookers are great in helping you save your cooking gas. They are not only energy-efficient but they can cook food faster and you end up using less gas.

The size of your cooking pot and the burner you use also affects your cooking. Using a pot that is way bigger than the burner is one way to actually waste cooking gas. This can be prevented when you use a pan/pot that fits snugly on the burner.

Another way to save your cooking gas is if you ensure your food is covered while cooking. This blocks the steam from escaping and makes your food cook faster. In other words, you end up cooking for less time and save your cooking gas.

A clean burner also helps in saving your cooking gas. This is because dirt and debris can clog the burners, and make it more difficult for the gas to flow and lead to waste of cooking gas.

A leaking cylinder is most times the reason cooking gas does not last long. This is why it is important to always check for leaks from both the cylinder and everything attached to it.

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