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Actress Mapula Mafole Is Also A Model


Mapula Mafole, popularly known as Mapula Rhythm City, is a talented South African actress. She is one of South Africa’s most talented leading ladies, the starlet has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of years and the masses are beginning to notice her.

Her svelte statue gives her the advantage to soar in the modelling industry and she continues to break ceilings. As the face of Quiteria Ateria, she keeps serving stunning looks on her Instagram page.

The 30years old actress delivers devastating, nuanced, and brutally relatable performance on Rhythm City, playing an orphaned teen caring for her two younger brothers while juggling her school work.

There always seems to be a dark cloud around her character, who has conquered sexual abuse and violence. She reveals that she has battled anxiety and depression almost all her life and playing such a meaty role has offered her solace.

Mafole was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela at the 12th annual South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas).

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