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Arthur Mafokate, Cici’s Ex-Boyfriend Takes Her To Court


Arthur Mafokate wants access to Cici‘s financial records, he claims she owes him a share of income from her artistic work.

Cici’s former manager and ex-boyfriend took her to court under the bases that she is yet to pay the R60 000 they agreed on. When Cici left Mafokate’s record label 999, she left bound to an exclusive artist agreement. She signed an agreement to record two albums with the record label.

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When she left Arthur Mafokate, took her to court, and she was asked to pay R60 000. Arthur claims she hasn’t paid, and now he is taking her back to court. He is demanding to have access to her financial record to take a share from her income from music.

A contract was revealed when Cici wanted to leave the record label in 2017. It proved that Mafokates label own Cici’s future work in the industry. And works she did while in the label, including copyrights.