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BBM’s Mbali ‘Mali’ Miya Shares Plans for the Future


Having avidly followed the Big Brother series, Mbali ‘Mali’ Miya was captivated by how contestants could carve a niche for themselves post-show.

BBM's Mbali 'Mali' Miya Shares Plans for the Future

Despite being the first evictee, the 25-year-old Bolt driver and club waitress from Thembisa, Ekurhuleni, believes she has the foundation to build her own identity.

As she eyes making a name for herself, Mali, driven by hopes of purchasing a new car to expand her e-hailing services, sees opportunities ahead. She expressed her ambitions, saying, “Contestants who don’t win still come out and achieve something, and that’s what I wanted for myself. While winning the money would’ve been great, I knew I would grow emotionally and mentally, and that’s what mattered to me.”

In the initial week of Big Brother, romantic relationships formed, and Mali had planned to spice things up and intervene, though she couldn’t execute her strategy. Reflecting on her experience, she explained, “With many people in one space, I felt it was too early for me to open up. Only during group discussions did I realize others were diving in. I held back, thinking I had time.”

Before Mali’s eviction, Lindokuhle “Bravo B” Nsele was disqualified for planning sexual activity with an intoxicated contestant. Despite the unfortunate incident, Mali praised Big Brother’s safety measures, stating, “It’s unfortunate, but I believe Big Brother handled it appropriately. I never felt unsafe in the house.”

As Mali looks beyond her eviction, she remains optimistic about her post-Big Brother journey, fueled by the desire to make a mark and explore new opportunities in the e-hailing sector.

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