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Big Troll Between Jub Jub And TK Nciza Over Calling His Show Fake


Jub Jub has chosen not to keep silent but jab back at TK Nciza‘s comment on his show. Among the many who were not happy with the treatment given to the cheater in Jub Jub’s program, was TK Nciza who said the show was fake.

Jub Jub – vuzacast

Following the comment, Jub Jub didn’t take it very kindly but told TK Nciza to back off or else. He even trolled him for his ‘failed’ stint as a politician.

“I’m not sure how to address you, you need to decide if your a businessman, celebrity, politician or socialite, my show is fake until i show up where you are, you think I don’t have anything on you. Ungangisukeli I respect you and thats as far as it goes”