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Bonga Sithole Set to Return to Rehab


Street dweller Bonga Sithole recently made headlines by announcing his decision to return to rehab, sharing the news in a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Monday, January 29.

Bonga Sithole Set to Return to Rehab

However, the sincerity of his announcement faced skepticism from social media users, who likened it to the way artists announce album releases.

Bonga Sithole gained fame for his eloquent English vocabulary despite being homeless. South Africans rallied behind him, hoping for a positive turnaround in his life. Advocate Sisanda Qwabe-Coutaud, a Good Samaritan, had previously gone to great lengths to help Bonga by providing him a place to live and assisting in finding work.

However, a TikTok clip from last year revealed that Sithole had left rehab, citing a spiritual calling. Qwabe-Coutaud expressed her disappointment and mentioned that Bonga had a job waiting for him upon completion of the program.

In a recent video, Bonga announced his plan to return to rehab on February 1, but this time, Qwabe-Coutaud was not mentioned. South Africans, however, remained skeptical of Bonga’s intentions, accusing him of seeking attention. This skepticism intensified as another homeless man, Alostro, gained social media attention last week after announcing his rehab check-in.

The situation raises questions about the challenges faced by individuals struggling with addiction, as public perceptions fluctuate based on their announcements and actions.

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