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Boohle Speaks Highly of Amapiano- “This One Was Special”


South African singer, Buhlebevangeli Hlengiwe Manyathi, famously known as Boohle acclaims the Amapiano genre.

Boohle Speaks Highly of Amapiano

This came after she performed live alongside Kasivan Naidoo, Mthunzi Mvub, and trumpeter Siya Makhuzeni.

Taking to IG, the award-winning musician shared snaps of the moments.

“Haibo! What a heartwarming night, @thembiseete_ & @theo_nhlengethwa I love you guys so much,” Boohle captioned the post.

Later, in an interview with Zimoja, she spoke about the performance and how she blended well with the band.

“The adrenalin took over during this performance. I am usually not scared or nervous before a performance, but this one was special. I felt I was playing with real, qualified musicians and we all had a good time.”

“This has dispelled some of the misconceptions about Amapiano; that it’s a fly-by-night genre, that won’t last and is frivolous,” she says.

“You know, sometimes people don’t see its value and say it’s not musical enough and it’s just street music but what we did, put a little dignity to Amapiano, so it can be considered a musical genre and have its respect,” the star added.

Boohle mentioned that she would appreciate it if Amapiano was taken seriously without being relegated to a street sound.

“I have a team, we are professional and take this seriously. I’ve heard of how some Amapiano artists don’t show up on time or attend events and interviews, but we are trying to dispel that so that we can be taken seriously,” she says.

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