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Cape Town Labour Centre Closes As They Record First Coronavirus Case


The gates to Cape Town Labour Centre would be closed as of Monday due to the fact that an Official of the employment and labour department tested positive for Coronavirus.

The offices were closed so and to monitor those who may have been in contact with the victim and decontamination of the offices. They also stated that the Labour Centre had been closed to the general public since the lockdown regulations although some officials still worked to ensure there was no disruption in their services clients hence, it was safe to say that the contaminated worker hasn’t been in contact with anyone outside.

Mawele Ntamo, The Labour department Chief director stated the contaminated official case in contact with 30 other Officials and there were now on isolation and would go for counseling too.

The Labour centre is the second to close due to the Coronavirus contamination in Cape Town, and up on till now preventive measures such as regular assessments of staff, daily health checks and temperature screening, which subsequently led to the identification of a potential case are undergoing.