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Cassper Bashed For Bragging About His Boxes Of Alcohol Right After Its Ban Was Announced


One of Mzansi hottest rappers, Cassper Nyovest boasts about his stacked up boxes of corona right after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on the ban of alcohol in SA that was to start immediately.

The whole of South Africa is in utter shock as no one saw that coming, although most celebrities have been urging the government to put a ban on alcohol due to the happenings in the country.

Well since no one was expecting the ban on alcohol and couldn’t prepare for such “hard times”, Tweeps took to Twitter to rant and complain bitterly on the ban of alcohol that was effective immediately.

Not realizing this was a sensitive topic or he was just being insensitive to their woes, Cassper took to twitter to brag about his boxed collections of Ciroc he had in stock and wasn’t exactly a victim as he wasn’t affected.

The rapper humorously explained that he had 24 boxes of Ciroc and each box contained 12 bottles each, he furthermore urged fan to do the math.

Obviously this did not bode well with tweeps and they served Cassper major tongue lash. Tweeps fired at Cassper and accused him of being proud and a show off, others reprimanded him seriously to keep keep his mouth in lock and hold and so as not to draw unwarranted attention to his household. Other deemed his as proud and full of it and it was gonna end him in trouble.

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