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“Don’t expect anything this year,” Lerato KG tells fans about her Valentine’s day


Lerato Kganyago says no valentine this year 2023

Lerato Kganyago promises to disappoint people who anticipate how her Valentine’s day will be this year 2023.

The past couple of years has been amazing for the DJ as her husband, Thami Ndlela goes all out to please her, and even gets her to trend on social media platforms.

From shutting down a stadium for LKG to buying her a house and gifting her a hotel.

However, she revealed that she isn’t excited about Valentine’s day.

“It should remain in that corner. Re busy ra bereka,” she replied a tweep.

Lerato further set the record straight after a fan teased her about setting a great standard this year.

“You’re checking how humongous is the pressure for this year, it’s on girl, we’re looking forward to seeing this year’s standard, wena you’re the queen of valentine,” the fan wrote.

In response, LKG says people shouldn’t expect anything.

“I’m being very honest, please don’t expect anything over here. Carry on with your lives lol,” she wrote.

In 2022, the DJ was reportedly back to being single after her marriage with Thami went under the rocks.

“THE END: Lerato Kganyago has allegedly moved out of her marital home at Steyn City and has returned to her own house in Ruimsig, leaving her husband Thami Ndlala crying uncontrollably. The valentine’s couple has split. The marriage has been on the rocks for a while now” wrote MDN News.

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