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Don’t Let Anyone Break You… Sjava Encourages Emtee… Then Ambitiouz Pokes Them!


Sjava pens encouraging words to former record label mate Emtee and urged him to harden his defence and not allow negativity break him.

The two celebrities were formerly signed to Ambitiouz entertainment, Although, Sjava who had just recently left the record label maintain a better a relationship with them, he still encouraged Emtee who has been in constant battle with the record label, to be strong and reminded him of his greatness and his timeless music and hyped him by saying he inspires young black kids to go after their dreams with his music.

In Sjava words he said “There are more people that love, respect and believe in you and those are the people that deserve your love and attention always remember that. Your music inspires and motivates black kids to go for their dreams parents included don’t let anyone or anything break u,” he encouraged.

It is common gist that Emtee and former record label he was signed to, Ambitiouz Entertainment are in a constant dispute over royalties, disputes and awards and every time each party tries to bring the other one down and feel on top.

What came as a low blow was when Ambitiouz Entertainment diss tweeted Emtee as they said “Since it’s Monday we thought we should do some jokes about Awards. But no one will get them”.

Outrightly letting Emtee know that he was never going to hand hands on any of his awards.

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