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Eye Black Design: Everything To Know About The Design


Eye black designs go beyond sports; they have a deeper meaning. Typically, athletes apply black adhesive under their eyes for this design, initially to protect their eyes from the sun or stadium lights.

Eye Black Design: Everything To Know About The Design

Research has shown that eye black designs benefit American lacrosse, basketball, baseball, football, and softball players on the field.

But now, it has evolved into a tradition that reflects their determination and personal expression.

The Eye black designs is a crucial aspect of sports that cannot be overlooked.

The Early Days

Eye black designs has a history dating back to the 1930s and 1940s when baseball players first started using it to reduce glare from the sun or stadium lights.

They discovered that applying a dark substance, usually a mixture of beeswax and soot, under their eyes improved their vision and focus on the field. Sometimes, they even used burnt cork ashes.

Evolution into a Symbol

Over time, Eye black designs became more than just a glare-reduction tool. Athletes began to see it as a symbol of their determination and concentration.

Eye Black Design: Everything To Know About The Design

In American football, a sport known for its intensity, those black streaks under the eyes represented readiness to face challenges, akin to warriors preparing for battle. Athletes even began using eye black to convey personal messages.

One notable example is Brian Urlacher, a Hall of Fame NFL linebacker, who often wore “GSH” under his eyes as a tribute to George S. Halas, the legendary founder of the Chicago Bears.

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This personal touch demonstrated Urlacher’s respect for the team’s history and highlighted how eye black became a medium for athletes to express themselves.

Beyond Sports

Eye black designs is no longer limited to athletes; it has become a part of popular culture. Fans, performers, and celebrities also wear it, not only in sports but also to show support for teams and causes.

This demonstrates its significance in our culture.

Different Ways to Wear Eye-Black Design

  1. The Classic: Short, thick horizontal lines under both eyes.
  2. The Tebow: Similar to the classic, but with words written on it.
  3. The “All I Had Was an Eyeliner”: Short, tiny horizontal lines under both eyes.
  4. The High School Baseball Player: Two inverted triangles under the eyes.
  5. The Batman
  6. The Raccoon: A design across the eyes from ear to ear.
  7. The “Maybe He’s Born With It”: A simple horizontal line on the eyelids.
  8. The Blatant Racist: The whole face is covered with black paint. [Note: This term should not be used as it is offensive and inappropriate.]
  9. The Spider: A spider web drawn across the entire face with the dye.


From its inception, the eye black design has symbolized determination and self-expression.

Whether it’s a football player showcasing their team’s logo or a fan showing support with eye black, this small detail carries profound meaning and stands as a powerful symbol of unity and dedication.

In the end, the eye-black design illustrates how sports traditions can deeply impact our lives.

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