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Faith Nketsi Plans To Use Banging Body To Survive As She Quits Rap


Failed Rapper and forever baby girl for life, Faith Nketsi speaks up on twitter that the reason why she quit rapping was from the cyber bullying she got from internet warriors after debuting as a rapper.

We all are amazed that she’s come out to say this, we are know celebrities are a very proud lot.

What’s juicy is that Faith is planning on using her body to make it big now, she very much made this clear when she said “I mean it’s on me, I have to own it. I’ve always known that I have a good booty, I’ve always been that girl. Do I use it to my advantage? Well, here I am today”.

Initially she had Quit quietly without the public noticing but when Dj Mariphosa release a list of stars signed under him, her name was missing and it raised brows and speculations.

Causing Faith’s Management to speak up about her rapping career, they shared that Faith decided to quit rapping after a performance of her released EP where people didn’t jam to her song and dubbed it a flop of an Ep, she also noticed they were disinterested in her performance.

Watch The Performance Below;