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Flames Blast Troll Trying To Surpass Him [Full Gist Inside]


South African rapper, Flames claps back at a troll who claims he stole verses from American rapper, Drake’s song.

The rapper album titled Candy man recently hit 1 million views on Spotify and has been receiving cheer reviews from people but one troll tries to outshine him

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@HarrisHxde tweeted: “Just discovered that Flvme stole 4 lines from a Drake song (Trust Issues) and used em on RIO “Two white cups and I got that drink It could be purple, it could be pink Depending on how you mix that shit Money to be got, and I’mma get that shit”

Reacting to this, the musical artist made the troll realize that Drake does the same thing as he called it “Paying homage”.

Flvme replied: “Even drake does that dummy. It’s called paying homage

See tweet below

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