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Former Bok skipper Jean de Villiers hauls in alleged shoplifter in Paarl


Jean de Villiers. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images)

Jean de Villiers. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images)

Former Springbok skipper Jean de Villiers’ actions have been praised after if came to light that he chased down and apprehended an alleged shoplifter in Paarl.

De Villiers confirmed to Netwerk24 that he spotted a man allegedly slipping chocolates into his bag before walking out of The Boer & Butcher on 23 January.

The shop’s owner Edu Hanekom told the Afrikaans publication that De Villiers and his wife Marlie, who are regular customers, were at the checkout when the former midfielder first spotted the man acting suspiciously.

Hanekom said De Villiers followed the alleged thief outside the store. The man tried to run away but was caught by the former Stormers star and brought back to the shop.

“We are very grateful for Jean’s actions. It was quite a thing when a former Springbok rugby captain arrived with the thief,” Hanekom said.

Screenshots from surveillance footage showed De Villiers chasing after the suspect, before returning and handing him over to a security guard.

Jean de Villiers. (Photo: The Boer & Butcher)

Jean de Villiers. (Photo: The Boer & Butcher)

Jean de Villiers. (Photo: The Boer & Butcher)

Die voormalige Springbok-rugbykaptein Jean de Vill

Jean de Villiers chases after an alleged thief. (Photo: The Boer & Butcher)

Netwerk24 also quoted a voice note from De Villiers in which he recalled the incident. “I watched him the whole time without him seeing that I was watching him.

“And when I looked again, he just slowly started walking out. And when he walked out, I also slowly walked behind him.

“When I said ‘hey’ he looked around and started running. Then I just said to myself, but I must also run now. And then I ran out of my sandals and glasses and finally across the road.”

De Villiers finally caught the man at Home Affairs in Paarl. The alleged thief was brought back to The Boer & Butcher and handed over to security personnel.

De Villiers, 41, played 109 Tests for the Springboks between 2002 and 2015.

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