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Heavily Pregnant Student Asked To Go Back Home By School Principal


Pregnant 12 grade 22Y/O student of Mokoto high school in Garabogale was asked to go back home and was only to resume after she had given birth.

The decision was made by the school principal as a result of the stage the student was in her pregnancy. The student explained that she was more worried that the decision would to affect her academic section.

According to an anonymous teacher of the student, “The arrangement will be done with her and that won’t be a challenge because pupils have been studying from home. We don’t have the skills to handle her situation because anytime she might deliver and is better she does that while at home,”

Allowing the student to come to school at that state was only going to put her in a vulnerable state.

According to Tidimalo Chuene, from the education department the pregnant student fall under the same category if students advise not to report to school on medical advice. “The learner should fill in a health questionnaire. There should be arrangements made with the school to support the learner the same way we will be supporting learners unable to return to school due to confirmed existence of comorbidities,” She explained.

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