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Here are the top 7 dating apps for single people in South Africa


Are you one of those people who swore to find love this year, but you have no idea where you would meet the so-called love of your life?

The truth is you can find the love of your life anywhere but if meeting people online hasn’t worked out, why not try dating online?

There is a couple who met and started dating on a bible app called YouVersion. So expand your mind, it doesn’t have to be dating apps.

Here are the top seven apps to find love.

This picture sharing app is the best app if you are on the prowl for a good-looking person to fall in love with. The app is basically a dating app, with the pictures of many incredibly gorgeous people everywhere, you can use the platform to find the love of your life by simply sliding into their dm.

Tinder has moved from what people use to find love to become a site for hooking up, but who is to say a hookup or a one-night stand cannot turn into a relationship? If you are interested in finding love, who is to say you can’t find it on Tinder? If it’s sex, you can find it there too, but you will likely pay for it.

Forget how savage people act on Twitter, single people there are out trying to find love desperately. With the many ‘we met on Twitter’ stories, don’t look down on the power of sliding into Twitter dms. You can go from interacting on the timeline to interacting in other places.

Badoo is another dating app South Africans love to use. It doesn’t have as many restrictions as Tinder: you can post almost anything on your profile, and it even gives you the option of meeting people in other cities.

Although we met on Snapchat is not as popular since you have to be given people’s Snapchat ID first, if you are single and ready to mingle you might find what you are looking for there.

Believe it or not, TikTok is perfect for finding love, with so many people dancing and showing their beautiful and handsome faces and bodies, sliding into the dms isn’t so hard.

Forget the professional facade of LinkedIn, people are also looking for professional love. From ‘thanks for connecting with me’ to ‘can I have your number?’, LinkedIn is perfect for those looking for high-achieving lovers.

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