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Here’s Why Paying Tithe Is The Biggest Scam In The World


Following the question about the biggest scam in the world, you’d be shocked to find paying Tithe in the answer list.

Tithe Payment – Vuzacast

The question about tithe has been asked a million times and each time with different answers. Some Christians believe in the power of paying tithes while others don’t. But referring to it as the biggest scam in the world? that’s new.

On twitter a question was asked about what the biggest scam in the world is. Tweeps rushed in with different answers of what they think to be the biggest scam. In the midst of all the drama, a particular answer caught our attention.

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Someone boldly came up saying the biggest scam in the world is tithes. Well not in those exact words, what he said was, and we quote;

“The fact that “the church” convinced people that God wants them to give 10% of their salaries to them, poor or not.”

The crazy thing is that he isn’t the only one who thinks so as tweeps pile up behind him. Well not everyone thought poorly of churches and one came out. She said paying of tithes can be backed up by the bible, when asked for prove she backed out.

The important thing however, is that people believe that paying tithes to churches is a scam. Not just a scam, but the biggest scam in the world.

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