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I Did Not Steal Anybody’s Idea – Somizi Pissfully Reacts To Theft Accusations [Video]


Somizi, who was accused of stealing the Dinner At Somizis‘ idea, initially decided to ignore it all, but he’s been pushed, and his reaction is not very pleasing.

Celebrity chef and host of Dinner At Somizi has been facing grave accusations of theft. An email from 2014 suggesting that Somizi stole his cook show from someone Hastings‘ was released.

According to the email, Somizi stole the idea and took all the credit. With a very similar concept like his current TV show, it was hard to believe the chef. The Mzansi chef ignored it for a while, but the pressure got too much, and he has reacted.

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In a live video with Pearl Thusi, he denied stealing the idea from Hastings. Hastings was the one who emailed him to pitch a similar idea about the show. Somizi says he never even opened the email, much less steal from it.

These theft accusations were laid on him, but he vehemently denies it all. And he is saying he didn’t steal anyone’s idea. He says he came up with the name Dinner At Somizi and the whole concept is his.

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