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“I’ve Learnt To Love My Flaws” Tino Chinyani Claps Back At Trolls From Foe-Fan


Tino Chinyani who has since faced a lot of trolls from foe-fans seems less distressed as their trolls have no effect on him.

Tino Chinyani – Vuzacast

The 25 year old model started getting negative trends on social media after it was revealed that Simphiwe Ngema was pregnant for him. He, not being new to trolls, has always had his way of shading those trolls.

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Now we know as he says “y’all still think body shaming my belly button hurts? LOL I’ve been teased all my life for it. I learnt to love my flaws & everything about me. It’s called self-love. You dummies should try it sometime. Coz all that negativity just tells me you hate yourself.”

He now feels sorry for those who think they are trolling him. “I used to get mad at the bitter souls, now I just sit and laugh. It’s a shame you were never taught love. I feel sorry for you.”