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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson: Hidden Truth About Hollywood Icon, Don Johnson’s Son


Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, the famous American child known as actor Don Johnson’s son, prefers to stay away from the spotlight. Discover more about his life living in the shadow of a Hollywood legend.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson: Hidden Truth  About Hollywood Icon, Don Johnson's Son

The Johnson Legacy in Hollywood

The Johnson family has been a big deal in Hollywood for a long time. Don Johnson, who you might recognize from “Knives Out,” “Miami Vice,” and “Nash Bridges,” started acting in the late 1960s. His oldest son, Jesse, has been in the acting world since the early 2000s. Meanwhile, his daughter Dakota Johnson, who’s famous for her roles in “50 Shades of Grey,” “The Lost Daughter,” and “Black Mass,” began acting when she was just a kid.

Profile Summary

Full NameJasper Breckenridge Johnson
Date of BirthJune 6, 2002
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Age20 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Parents– Father: Don Johnson
– Mother: Kelley Phleger
Siblings– Brother: Deacon (born in April 2006)
– Sister: Atherton Grace (born in December 1999)
– Half-brother: Jesse Wayne (born in December 1982 to model Patti D’Arbanville)
– Half-sister: Dakota Johnson (born in October 1989 to actress Melanie Griffith)
EducationDetails about college education undisclosed
High SchoolSanta Barbara High
Extracurricular ActivitiesPoint guard on the school’s basketball team
InterestsBaseball and basketball enthusiast
Financial StandingSupported by his family
Father’s Net WorthDon Johnson’s estimated net worth: $50 million (2023)
Physical Traits– Height: Not specified
– Hair Color: Light brown
– Eye Color: Brown
Online PresenceInactive on Instagram
Father’s Acting CareerDon Johnson known for roles in “Knives Out,” “Miami Vice,” and “Nash Bridges”
Jasper’s older half-brother Jesse is an actor and screenwriter in Hollywood
Jesse’s notable works include “NCIS,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Gun Shy,” “Redline,” and “Hawaii Five-0”
Jesse also produced “Chapman” (2013)

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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson: Age and Background

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson And His Father

Jasper was born on June 6, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, United States. As of 2023, he is 20 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Family Ties

Jasper is the son of actor Don Johnson and his fourth wife, Kelley Phleger. Kelley, a former Montessori nursery schoolteacher and socialite from San Francisco, married Don in a civil ceremony officiated by Mayor Willie Brown in April 1999.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson And His Family

Aside from Jasper, the Johnson family includes two more siblings: brother Deacon (born in April 2006) and sister Atherton Grace (born in December 1999), who has made a name for herself in the world of modeling. Jasper also has two half-siblings from his father’s side: half-brother Jesse Wayne (born in December 1982 to model Patti D’Arbanville) and half-sister Dakota Johnson (born in October 1989 to actress Melanie Griffith).

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Educational Journey

Details about Jasper’s college education remain undisclosed. He is an alum of Santa Barbara High, where he excelled as a point guard on the school’s basketball team. Jasper, a fervent baseball enthusiast, frequently accompanies his father, Don, to baseball and basketball games.

Jasper’s Financial Standing

While Jasper has not yet pursued a career, he enjoys financial stability through his family. His father, actor Don, boasts an estimated net worth of $50 million in 2023.

Jasper’s Physical Traits

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson Playing Basketball

Although his exact height is unknown, Jasper surpasses his father, the 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall Don Johnson, by several inches. This basketball aficionado sports light brown hair and brown eyes.

Jasper’s Online Presence

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson does not maintain an active Instagram account. However, his father, Don Johnson, occasionally shares pictures of him on his own social media profiles.

Don Johnson’s Acting Offspring

Don Johnson’s eldest son, Jesse, bears a striking resemblance to his father and has established himself as a Hollywood actor and screenwriter. He has graced various films and TV shows, including “NCIS,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Gun Shy,” “Redline,” and “Hawaii Five-0.” Jesse not only starred in numerous projects but also gained recognition in the industry.