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Kim Jong Un’s Sister, Kim Yo Jong Set To Take Over His Place In His Absence


North Korea president, Kim Jong Un has been reported to be in a coma and his sister, Kim Yo Jong will be taking over until he is healthy enough to take back his position.

Kim jong un who was out of the public for a long time until back in April, there were speculations that he had issues with his health. He was finally spotted in April and then in May.

Kim jong un was last seen cutting a ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory on the 2 of May, 2020

Chang Song Min who served south korea’s late president, Kim Dae-Jung claimed that North Korea’s president won’t give his position to or entrust his authority to any other person except his he was removed by a coup or too ill to do his job.

Chang song min also mentioned that he assess Kim jong un to still be very ill and in a coma but not dead, due to rumors that he is dead and not sick. A succession plan was formed to allow Kim yo Jong take over for her brother as the position can’t be left unattended for a long period of time.

In a closed door meeting, a South Korean spy revealed a ruling stystem Kim Jong Un seemed to have set up following where he shall share authority and responsibility with his most trusted aides. Although the lawmakers in North Korea says this aid wasn’t set up because of any health problems

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