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Kweta’s Wife, Yolanda Shares Pregnancy Ezperience From First And Second Trimester [Grab Tissues]


Yolanda Vilakazi is set to step into her last trimester and she shares her experience so far, She didn’t leave out the part where her baby was supposedly dead.


Wife to Kwesta, one of Mzansi biggest stars, gives fans an insight on her entire pregnancy till date. Yolanda took to her social media to tell fans just how excited she is to step into the last trimester. She shared a black and white outline of a pregnant woman showing the heart of both the mother and baby.

See photo below;

She explains how her first pregnancy was so easy and this one has proven to be more difficult. She revealed that in her first trimester she was told that there was no heartbeat for her baby. Yolanda says she was terrified thinking she miscarried and found it hard to break the news to her family.

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More tests were carried out to confirm it and she found out her baby was perfect and very healthy. She says its been very difficult but she still wouldn’t trade the experience for something else.

“About to enter my last trimester in a few days & wow it’s been an emotional journey of ups and downs: From finding out just before lockdown and navigating the uncertainties and fear that came with the pandemic to my first ultrasound and the gynecologist (not my actual gyne) telling me she can’t find a heartbeat & that I miscarried. Yup, that actually happened! The emotional trauma of driving myself home to deliver the news to an already excited husband & big sister to be. It was rougher than rough. The next few weeks were blood tests on blood tests only to find out that my baby was absolutely fine & her heartbeat was strong. Definitely went back to my original gynecologist & everytime I think of how far we’ve come since I’m so thankful that God pulled us through. Damn… we been through the trenches. First trimester was HORRIBLE! I had all of the symptoms, something I barely experienced with Khai. Bekunzima. Second trimester was an absolute breeze. I had so much energy and took on getting a nursery ready, it’s done now & I’m bored with nothing to do. As I creep towards the third trimester I’m feeling it 😂! Man down! Send help! Yoh Jehova! I just want to finish now 😓. Anyway… still I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world! It’s totally worth it & so fulfilling. God bless all the pregnant women & new moms who read this. We are strength & love personified…🤍”