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Lasizwe and Natasha Finally Bury the Hatchet


Lasizwe Dambuza and Natasha Thahane appear to have reconciled, putting an end to their past differences.

Lasizwe and Natasha Finnaly Bury the Hatchet

The two celebrities, who had unfollowed each other on social media since 2021 after the conclusion of their friendship, were recently spotted together at an event hosted by Duma Collective.

Lasizwe shared a photo and a video of himself dancing with Natasha on his timeline, suggesting a positive turn in their relationship. On his Instagram stories, Lasizwe reflected,

“At the end, we will gravitate towards each other again if it is meant to be… I guess this is the sign.”

Expressing her feelings, Natasha wrote, “I love you Lasizwe.”

The public was aware that the two stars had been at odds for some time. In a 2021 interview on Podcast and Chill, Natasha expressed her displeasure with Lasizwe. This was due to him making her fallout with Ntando Duma public on one of his YouTube shows.

During the interview, Natasha stated, “I’m enjoying my silence. He decided to say whatever he wanted to say. He can carry on.” She emphasized the importance of understanding whether their connection was based on industry friendship or genuine friendship. Natasha highlighted the need to respect each other even if they grow apart, acknowledging that people go through different seasons in life.

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