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Late Nelson Mandela Granddaughter, Zoleka Mandela Opens Up On The Situation In Her Family


Late South African President Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, Zoleka Mandela has spoken on the current state of her  family. 

According to the author and activist, her family is currently in a state of disaster.

Zoleka spoke about the worrisome state of her family saying things took a turn for the worst when her grandparents and mother passed away.

Zoleka was addressing the issue of an old man who looks like her grandfather, the late Nelson Mandela, who had people thinking he really is him.

 In a lengthy Instagram post, the author told people to mind their business and also clarified that she does not know the man nor does she want to meet him.

Adding to that she said, there is now a toxic relationship among her family members with members turning on each other.

“Dear, People That Don’t Mind Your Own Business” … You’ve tagged me on Twitter, both my Facebook accounts, on Instagram and sent me WhatsApp messages,” she started off her rant.

“After my grandfather passed away, sh*t literally hit the fan. Things worsened after my grandmother’s passing and I honestly can’t believe that things have gotten even worse after my mother’s passing. My family is at war with one another, why encourage the man to be part of a family that does not even want, respect, love or recognize it’s own bloodline?”

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